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Data Source Settings

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The Data Source Settings are used to define one or more database connections.  ribbon_settings_ds.png

Before you can generate reports using the Jet Excel add-in, you must first define how to access the data you want to display in your reports.  Select the link below for how to set up a connection to your specific database type.


Adding a New Data Source


In order to create a new data source, click the Add button and specify a name along with the type of database to which you will be connecting.  Once the information necessary to establish a connection has been populated, you can verify connectivity by clicking the Test Connection button.

If you have more than one data source, you can specify the default data source that will be used for reporting by clicking the Set as Default button.

For more in-depth instructions on creating a data source, select the type of data you want to connect to:

Direct Connections

Dynamics NAV Dynamics GP
SQL/Universal Jet Data Warehouse
Jet Analytics Cubes  


Jet Remote Data Service (JRDS)

(JRDS) for NAV - Admin Guide 

JRDS for GP - Admin Guide

JRDS for NAV - User Guide

JRDS for GP - User Guide




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