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Reuse Data Source Selections

Selecting tables and fields from at data source, adding primary keys, and setting up incremental load can be a time-consuming task, even with the tools added in Jet Data Manager 17. If you need to recreate the same setup in another project later you might even feel a bit silly for doing it all again. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could save your setup for a specific data source and reuse it later? Or get a setup from a colleague and use that?

Selection templates to the rescue! Selection templates contain information about the selected tables and fields, primary keys, incremental selection rules and incrementally loaded tables on a data source. They are exported as XML files that can be imported and applied to a data source. The data sources do not even have to be identical. You can choose the parts of the template you would like to use (e.g. just incremental load setup) and Jet Data Manager will apply it to all the tables and fields that are both in the template and the data source.

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