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Using Azure SQL for Repository, Data Warehouse and Staging Databases

As cloud services grow ubiquitous and more and more powerful we are expanding our support. While it
is already possible to use Jet Analytics in the cloud in an infrastructure-as-a-service setup the 17.5 release introduces support for using Azure SQL Server for your repository, data warehouse, and staging databases.  For the first time you do not need a local SQL Server for running Jet Analytics.

The main benefit is that it saves you the hassle of monitoring and maintaining your own SQL Server.
Naturally it depends on your specific situation if an Azure SQL Database beats an on-premise SQL
Server installation on features, performance, and cost.  From a Jet Analytics perspective, there are two main differences between Azure SQL Database and SQL Server:

1) Azure SQL Database does not support SSIS. This means that you can’t use SSIS for data transfer in the Jet Data Manger, however you can use the Direct Read Option for transfers.


2) You will need to use SQL Server authentication since Windows authentication is not supported
by Azure SQL Database.

Supporting Azure SQL Database is just one step towards greater support of cloud services and will continue in upcoming releases.

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