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More Options For Delete Handling With Slowly Changing Dimensions In JDM 17.5

The Jet Data Manger never deletes a record in a history enabled table. Instead, records deleted in the system are marked as deleted (soft deleted) in the “Is tombstone” column in the history enabled table. Sometimes a record is “resurrected” in the data source and turns up in Jet Data Manger again in a subsequent load. There are different ways to handle this.

Previous versions of Jet Data Manger would simply reverse the action taken to mark a record as deleted in the first place which would erase any information about the record having been deleted. In the new release you have the option to insert an undeleted record as a new record. This allows you to keep the information that the record was, for a time, deleted so you can track how long a record has been absent.
As a further small improvement the Jet Data Manger will no longer create an “Is tombstone” column to keep track of deleted records if deletes are not enabled on a history table. On existing history tables with deletes disabled you will see a button (Clean Up Tombstone Field) that will remove this column for you.

As a smaller improvement we have renamed the “Enable deletes” setting to “Use soft deletes” to align it with the name we use for this way of handling deletes on incremental load. The “Type I: Update all” setting has also been renamed to the slightly more descriptive “Update all records with new value on type I change”.


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