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Installing the Jet Reports Financials Excel add-in


How-To Video

Installing the Jet Reports Financials Excel add-in

This video provides a quick overview of installing the Excel add-in for the Jet Reports Financials extension of Dynamics 365 Business Central.


  1. Once the Jet Reports Financials extension for Dynamics 365 Business Central has been installed, we can see that the Jet Reports Financials button is available on the Home screen and that we have a link to download the corresponding Excel add-in for use on this computer.


  2. Clicking the link will display the Jet Financial Setup screen from where you can Start the download of the Jet Excel add-in.


  3. It can take a few minutes for the installation download to be customized for your environment.


  4. After that, simply start the downloaded install program...


  5. Click Install (which does require administrator permissions on the machine)...


  6. and click Finish once the add-in has been installed.

  7. When prompted, log in to your Microsoft account to activate the Jet Reports Financials Excel add-in.



  8. Excel will be launched automatically so as to activate and connect to your data.

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