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Using Excel as a Datasource For Daily Imports Containing Snapshot Data


Excel can be used as a datasource to import data into the Jet Data Manager. The following article demonstrates how a daily import can be done, wherein the daily import contains only the transactions that were specific to that day (or period). In such a scenario, a couple of steps need to be taken to ensure that existing data isn't truncated, while the new data still gets imported. We'll be using two spreadsheets, containing the following data


    1. Make the data source connection, and bring the data from your spreadsheet into the staging database

    2. Right click the table that was created in the stage, and go to Advanced >> Truncation Settings

    3. Verify that only the middle box, Truncate Valid table before data cleansing , is checked

    4. Deploy and execute the table. Preview the table to verify data has been imported

    5. Right-click the table, and go to Advanced >> Guard

    6. Verify that the Guard On Deployment box is checked

    7. Subsequent Excel spreadsheets can now be imported. Data that was previously imported will persist through deployments and executions, and new data will be imported as expected.

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