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Creating a Calculated Measure

To create a Calculated Measure within the Jet Data Manager, navigate to the 'Cubes' tab and expand the 'Cubes' tree.  Once there, expand the cube that you would like to create a Calculated Measure for and then right-click on 'Measures'.  This will present you with a menu in which you'll select 'Add Calculated Measure'.

A new window with the following selections will appear:

  1. In the 'Name' field, type a name for the calculated measure.
  2. In the 'Format string' field, specify how you want the numeric results displayed.
  3. Check the 'Visible' box if you want the value to be displayed in the front-end application.
  4. In the 'Non-empty behavior' list, select the measure or measures used to resolve NONEMPTY queries in MDX.  This is optional and left blank by default.
  5. In the 'Expression' field, write an MDX statement or, in the Measures list, drag the measures to be used for the calculated measure into the work space in the middle.
    • For "Measure list" Expressions:
      • Drag and drop any relevant item from the list on the right hand side into the 'Expression' field.
      • All mathematical symbols are allowed to create your calculation.
    • For MDX based Expressions:
      • Your expression should only contain the definition of your MDX query.
      • In general, this will be everything following your initial 'AS' statement yet before your 'SELECT' statement.

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  • Avatar
    Lenka Kureckova Eriksen

    Thank you for an useful article. I have a question - I have a standard measure "document count", but I to make a calculated measure, which only counts documents if another stanard measure "QTY" is > 0. How do I write this?