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How to Activate the Jet Data Manager


This article explains how to activate the Jet Data Manager using the following methods

Activating the Jet Data Manager through an Internet Connection

  1. Open the Jet Data Manager. From the Tools tab, navigate to Activate Client.

  2. Enter your License code and click Send .

    The Jet Data Manager will connect to the server and validate your license.

  3. Once validation is completed click OK .

Activating the Jet Data Manager without an Internet Connection (Manual Activation)

  1. Contact Jet Global Technical Support and submit a request for a Manual Activation file for Jet Analytics.

    In the request include the following:

    • Request Project
      • ERP Version you are using.
      • Jet Data Manager Version.
    • Name of organization to which the manual activation will be applied.
  2. Once you receive your manual activation file open the Jet Data Manager.  From the Tools tab, navigate to Activate Client.

  3. Select Manual - I have no internet connection

  4. Enter your activation code and browse to the manual activation file

  5. Once validation is completed click OK .

  6. Click on the Jet logo in the upper left hand corner. Navigate to Import/Export. Click Import Project..

  7. Click on the ellipses and navigate to the XML file that was emailed with your activation code. Click OK .

    The project should now import and is ready to configure.

Requesting a Trial License

  1. To request a trial license perform the steps above and select Internet - I am requesting a new trail license.

  2. Fill in the Mandatory fields and click Send.

  3. You will be given a trial license and the Jet Data Manager will be activated.


    The trial license will expire in 15 days
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