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Error: The product level is insufficient for component "x"


If SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) is not installed an error may be thrown when the Jet Data Manager attempts to deploy and/or execute a table. The error will be "The product level is insufficient for component "x"".


To resolve the error, SSIS should be installed on the same machine as the Jet Data Manager.

There is a blog post on MSDN that addresses this error message in detail. It can be accessed from the link below.

Why do I get "product level is insufficient..." error when I run my SSIS package?

It is also possible to disable SSIS from being used in the project by referring to the KB article below. This will generate ADO.NET scripts instead of using SSIS.

NOTE: SSIS is the recommended data transfer method to be used with Jet Analytics.

How to Disable SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) in a Jet Analytics Project


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