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Error: cannot connect to Analysis Services version


When attempting to deploy OLAP user rights the following error is encountered:

"Cannot connect to Analysis Services version <version no> at TimeXtender.DataManager.CubeEngine_2005.GetEngine()"


This error occurs when there are multiple versions of SQL Server on the same machine.

1. Navigate to the External SSISEngines folder along the installation path of the Jet Data Manager

The path below is the default installation path for a 64-bit installation.

C:\Program Files\Jet Data Manager Server\Jet Data Manager Server 14.x.x.64\ExternalSSISEngines


2. Rename the assembly file (.dll) for the versions that apply.

For example: if one has SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2014 on the same server and the OLAP cubes reside on the 2014 instance then one would rename the 2005 dll.

The Jet Data Manager will now reference the correct assembly file while deploying OLAP user rights.

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