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How to Upgrade a Repository from JDM 4.5.39 or later to JDM 2012 or JDM 2014


If using versions 4.5.39 through 4.5.41 of the Jet Data Manager a special process is required in order to upgrade to Jet Data Manager 2012 or newer. That process is outlined below.


  • The project repository must be first upgraded to version 4.5.42 of the Jet Data Manager. This version of the Jet Data Manager can be downloaded from the link below:
  • Once this version of the Jet Data Manager has been installed and activated the user should navigate to the project repository to be upgraded and follow the standard upgrade process.
  • Take a SQL backup of the project repository after it has been upgraded before moving on to the next step. A KB on how to backup a SQL database can be found here: Backing Up a Database .
  • Once the project repository has been successfully backed up the user should download the attached ZIP file at the bottom of this article which contains a SQL script. Unzip the file and execute the SQL script against the project repository that was just upgraded to 4.5.42.  This will force an upgrade from 4.5.42 to version 12.4.8.
  • Open the project repository using the desired version of the Jet Data Manager (ie: 14.x.x) and follow the upgrade prompts to finish the upgrade to the desired version of the Jet Data Manager.
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