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Version Change History (Jet Reports 7 and earlier)

  • Changes in Version 7.0

  • Changes applicable to all Data Source types:

    • Excel 2007 Compatible.

      • Added an Office 2007 style "Jet" Ribbon with improved graphics, tips, and usability.

    • Windows Vista Compatible.

      • Earned Microsoft's "Works with Vista" certification.

    • Added the Data Source Configuration Wizard.

      • Guides you through the process of establishing a connection to your Navision or Great Plains database.

    • Improved the Jet Reports Activation Wizard.

      • Activates the appropriate Jet Reports Add-In depending on your version of Excel.

      • Simplifies licensing.

    • Added the Data Source "Quick Switch".

      • Switch your data source and company with ease from the Jet toolbar or ribbon.

    • Improved Drilldown for Universal and Great Plains data source types.

      • Easily sort and filter your drilldown results.

      • Add and remove data columns.

    • Minor adjustments and bug fixes.

  • Changes specific to the Navision Data Source:

    • Added the Budget Upload Tool.

      • Create budgets in a Jet Report and upload them to your Navision database.

  • Changes specific to the Great Plains Data Source:

    • Added Jet Views and the Jet Date table.

      • Jet Views logically group the data you need for common reports.

      • Find your data quickly and easily using the clear, descriptive table and field names.

      • Make your reports more dynamic by retrieving date and period values directly from the database.

    • Improved the Great Plains GL function.

      • Retrieve balance or budget information across partial accounting periods.

    • cross partial accounting periods.

Changes in Version 5.0

  • Changes applicable to all Data Source types:

    • Added the Report Wizard.

      • Guides you through the process of creating a single table report.

      • Automatically groups and sorts data.

      • Creates reports that are useable by viewers with the new Report Options feature.

    • Added the Insert Jet Function wizard (Jfx).

      • Inserts a new Jet function or edits an existing one.

      • Provides quick lookup for all Jet Reports function arguments.

      • Allows Drilldown and function evaluation from within the editor.

    • Added Report Options with Database Lookup.

      • Provides an easy-to-use interface for entering report filters.

      • Provides database lookup capability to make building filters faster and easier.

    • Added HTML Help.

      • Context sensitivity allows users to get Help on a function from within Jet Reports wizards.

      • Allows users to filter out information pertaining to other data source types.

    • Added Stored Viewer Data in Reports

      • Gives users the ability to enter data, such as budget information, on report sheets.

      • User entered data is preserved when re-running the report.

    • Added the NP utility function

      • Takes over utility functionality from the NL such as "Eval", "DateFilter", etc.

      • Adds the ability to:

        • Format cell values.

        • Retrieve a list of companies from your database.

    • Added support for non-Western European alphabets such as Japanese and Korean.

    • Minor menu adjustments and bug fixes.

  • Changes specific to Great Plains Data Sources

    • Added the Great Plains GL function.

      • Allows Great Plains users to get the data they need from their G/L in one simple function.

      • Retrieve the balance or budget based on categories, accounts, periods, etc.

      • List accounts, categories or segments in rows, columns, or sheets.

    • Simplified Great Plains data source configuration.

    • Added ability to report on multiple companies from within the same Great Plains data source.

    • Enhancements to the Great Plains Friendly Names utility.

Changes in Version 4.0.x

  • Major speed improvements.

  • Added the Jet Toolbar.

  • Added the Jet Scheduler .

    • Schedule reports directly from Excel .

    • Email reports to one or more users.

    • Send alerts via email based on report results.

    • Optionally extract recipient email addresses from database .

  • Added ability to convert Jet Reports to simple workbooks.

    • Convert Jet formulas to values.

    • Preserve all other Excel formulas.

    • Create unprotected, editable reports.

    • Preserves hidden rows, columns, sheets so report can be refreshed.

    • Provide Revert ability to restore changes accidentally lost by report refresh.

    • Designers simply put "Auto+Hide+Values" in cell A1 to turn on this ability.

  • Improved ability to summarize and structure reports by collapsing all Excel Data Groups after report run.

  • Compensated for various stability issues related to Excel 2000

  • Simplified Progress Window to improve speed.

  • Added "SQL=" functionality, allowing the user to pass SQL queries directly to the database.

  • Added "Schema=" as a FilterField to specify a database schema for databases such as Oracle.

  • Added the ability to trim trailing spaces from database query results.

  • Added Friendly Drilldown whereby the Drilldown window will display the table/field names in the same format as the Designer.

  • Added support for Slovenian and Spanish.

  • Added array manipulation features to the NL function .

  • Improved filtering one table based on values in another table with "Filter" as a "What" argument of the NL function.

  • Minor menu adjustments and bug fixes

Changes in Version 3.7.4

  • Added cross reference sheet for all supported languages

  • Minor bug fixes

Changes in Version 3.7.3

  • Increased speed for Advanced Dimensions

  • Minor bug fixes

Changes in Version 3.7.2

  • Increased overall speed and stability

  • Added support for Turkish language

  • Minor bug fixes

Changes in Version 3.7.0

  • Added new options to the Jet Designer including whether or not the Designer is displayed upon selecting Jet/Design, the option to have the Designer window stay on top of the Excel window, and the option of having the Designer window be transparent.

  • Added a "fit" tag, which will automatically fit the specified column or row based on the largest item that it contains.

  • Added upgrade functionality to the installer. You no longer need to remove an old version of Jet Reports to upgrade to a new version.

  • Added a new connector type 'Great Plains' which allows for retrieval of data from Great Plains databases using Friendly table and field names.

  • Added a Designer option that will display the number of records in each table in the database for databases that support the feature.

Changes in Version 3.6.1

  • Added the Jet Designer which replaces the Jet Wizard. To see it, just choose Jet/Design. You can drag fields into Excel to automatically insert retrieval formulas. You can right click on a name and Send it to Excel just as if you had typed it. You can use the Designer to find tables, fields, values, and function options while you are in the middle of entering formulas or using the Excel Paste Function wizard.

  • Added an Auto Debug option, which automatically selects the first cell with #VALUE and shows the Jet/Debug message after a report is generated. You can disable this feature.

  • The limit of four decimal places for Navision numeric fields has been removed for executable versions 2.60e or later. Jet Reports now returns all the decimal places stored in Navision.

Changes in Version 3.5.3

  • Added Advanced Dimensions as Virtual Fields to tables that have Advanced Dimensions. This allows very easy filtering on and retrieval of Advanced Dimension values. Just treat the Advanced Dimension code as if it were a field.

  • Enhanced the NL function to accept an array in the Table argument when the "What" argument is "Rows", "Columns" or "Sheets". A row, column, or sheet is created for each element of the array.

  • Added the ability to use an array for a Filter. A record is selected if any element of the array matches. Of course, all the other "non-array" filters have to match too. See details below under Array Filters.

  • Added "AllUnique" as a "What" argument of the NL function which allows the NL function to generate array filters. See details below under Array Filters.

Changes in Version 3.5.2

  • Added 14 new example reports including Summary Customer and Vendor Aging, Pareto Chart, and Item Sales List by Date.

  • Significantly enhanced performance for reports with nested replicators.

  • Corrected issued in 3.5.1 that caused Jet Reports to fail to recognize when sum index would improve calculation speed.

  • Enhanced AutoPilot to allow a file name in the /I argument. To specify a file, just add the name of the file after the path. Wildcard characters "*" and "?" are allowed.

  • AutoPilot now creates entries in the application log.

  • Added a "Values" mode to AutoPilot which converts all formulas to values before the workbook is saved.

  • Minor enhancements and bug fixes.

Changes in Version 3.5.1

  • Added support for a single report to pull data from selected multiple versions of Navision at the same time. This feature requires Windows 2000, Windows XP, or later. Version 3.5.1 can support the currently installed version plus versions 2.6e, 2.6f, 3.01b, 3.10a, and 3.60.

  • Added Fast Columns support. Removed option for Fast Rows. Now Fast Rows and Fast Columns are always on. Enhanced ability to interrupt a report during calculation.

  • Added support for Navision captions. To use captions, the user must export the language module and then enter the path for the language module in Jet/Options. Jet Reports 3.5.1 will do internal sorts based on the active language's locale settings. See notes in installation documentation.

  • Enhanced AutoPilot to add a debug mode and to properly handle relative paths. In debug mode, report generation is visible and error messages are sent to the screen.

  • Enhanced NL function to insert pictures into a report. Pictures can come from a file or from the Navision database. The picture to insert and the picture size can be calculated.

  • Added ascending and descending sorting by multiple fields (without required a Navision database key). When the NL function is returning unique values, the default sort can be changed.

  • Added ability to exclude Closing Dates. Just prefix the date filter with "<>C&" and closing dates will be excluded. Added an ExcludeClose parameter to the GL Function.

  • Added ability to automatically ignore all special filter characters and search for an exact match of the contents in the filter. Just prefix the filter with "@@".

  • Added a special FilterField value "LIMIT=". Put the maximum number of records in the Filter. When used in conjunction with sorting, you can create Top X lists like Top 10 Customers by Sales.

  • Added Jet Reports license expiration warning. This is primarily for dealers. End user licenses do not normally expire. Jet Reports 3.5.1 will now work with a Navision license file that is issuing a License expiring soon warning.

  • Corrected problem that occurs when the Regional Setting for the list separator is a semicolon instead of a comma.

  • Page breaks that occur with the copied region of an NL function are now copied too.

  • Corrected problems with merged cells, which now expand "logically" when rows or columns are copied.

  • Minor bug fixes and menu adjustments.

Changes in Version 3.5.0

  • Added support for a single report to pull data from more than one Navision database or server. Default connection is specified in Jet/Options. Added Connection field to the GL function. To override the default connection in an NL function, put "Connection=" in a FilterField and the connection name as defined in Jet/Options in the corresponding Filter. Multiple server connections and a single local database can be use on the same report.

  • Added new Options including a Fast Row Option for faster reports with less frequent screen updates.

  • Jet Options can be stored in an external file so that multiple users can share the same options. Options and Jet License files can be stored on a shared network folder. A custom installation can be defined with custom default options. See Installation Guide for details.

  • AutoPilot enhanced to update report options. New mode added to simply update report.

Changes in Version 3.4

  • Added support for "Auto+Hide+Lock" tag in cell A1 of a worksheet which causes the formulas to be locked after Jet/Report is finished updating the report. Worksheets with this tag are automatically protected to prevent accidental changes. A worksheet that is locked does not contain any formulas so it can be opened by Excel users without Jet Reports installed. Locked worksheets open fast because there are no formulas to evaluate.

  • Added support for Viewers. A report Viewer can change report options and update the report using Jet/Report but can not use any other features of Jet Reports. Viewers may not enter Jet formulas into worksheet cells. When Viewers design reports for use, all worksheets must be locked except worksheets that contain report options.

  • Improve speed and diagnostic error messages

  • Minor bug fixes and menu adjustments

Changes in Version 3.3

  • Enhanced NL function. Added ability to automatically create worksheets, copy multiple columns or rows at a time, and return sorted, unique values for a field.

  • Added Publishing support. Jet Formulas can be converted to values. Drilldown can be retained after conversion by putting "Drilldown" in cell comment. Converted Jet Formulas can be restored. Excel users without Jet Reports can view converted worksheets and still use drilldown.

  • Added AutoPilot program to support scheduled Excel and Web publishing. Using Windows Scheduled Tasks, AutoPilot can automatically create converted Excel worksheet and Web pages. Drilldown can be made available from Web pages.

  • Added conditional row and column hiding.

  • Add rule that filters may not be blank. Use "*" to indicate any value is allowed. This may impact reports where previously a blank was use in a report option to indicate all. This change allows Jet Reports to improve calculation speed for some reports.

  • Change function wizard to defer calculation until the entire formula is entered and accepted. Before, partially entered functions trigged slow calculations in some cases.

  • Increase speed of some NL function calculations by as much as 20x.

  • Changed NL function calculation in Design mode to return first record found. Properly sorted values are returned in report mode. This speeds responsiveness in Design mode.

  • Minor bug fixes and menu adjustments.

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