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Method '~' of Object '~' Failed

The error message "Method '~' of object '~' failed" can occur for several reasons.  The most common reason is a Jet Reports versioning issue.

This error will occur if you design a report with Jet Reports 2009 or later with "+Values" or "+Lock", save the report in "Report Mode", and then send the report to a user with Jet Reports version 7 or earlier. The recipient will receive the error message when trying to run the report.

The reason for the issue is that a change has been made to the way Jet Reports saves formulas in Report Mode in Jet Reports 2009.  Therefore, prior versions cannot read the saved formulas in reports that have been created in Jet Reports 2009.

To resolve this issue, please do one of the following:

  • Make sure ALL users are upgraded to the latest version of Jet Reports (recommended).
  • Save reports in design mode if sending to a user with Jet Reports version 7 or earlier (the recipient must be a Designer).

This error can also occur with Jet Reports 2009 if you attempt to run a report while multiple sheets in your workbook are selected.

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