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Error: Cannot DROP TABLE 'dbo.Parameters_V'


When attempting to deploy your custom 'Parameters' table after implementing a custom function (i.e. 'Asian Characters' fix), you encounter the following error:


"Cannot DROP TABLE 'dbo.Parameters_V' because it is being referenced by object 'BusinessUnitNAV_dbo_[TABLENAME]Transform'.


This can be resolved by simply unchecking the 'Bind Functions' option within the corresponding table's settings.  To do so, right-click on the table and select 'Table Settings'.


In the dialog box that opens, navigate to the 'Performance' tab and uncheck the 'Bind Functions' checkbox.


After adjusting the tables settings, you will need to re-deploy it so that the changes are made against the database.  Once re-deployed, you will then be able to deploy the original table in question, 'dbo.Parameters_V'.  


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