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How To Add Multiple Schedulers

The Jet Data Manager Server Scheduler service operates a single Jet Project Repository. If your organization has multiple project repositories, then an additional instance of the Jet Data Manager Server Scheduler service must be created and associated with the subsequent project repository. An example of when this might be necessary is when your organization has separate "DEV" and "PROD" project repositories.

The following instructions make the assumption that the two project repositories are the same version of the Jet Data Manager.


1. Verify the name of the Jet Data Manager Server Scheduler service by opening up the Services control panel and finding the service

2. Verify the path of Scheduler.exe , which, in default installations, is located at " C:\Program Files\Jet Data Manager Server\Jet Data Manager Server X.X.X.X\Scheduler.exe "

3. Run Command Prompt as Administrator by using [SHIFT] + [RIGHT CLICK] on the application, and selecting " Run as administrator "

4. In the DOS prompt, run the following command ( replacing "" with your version found in Step #1, above )

DOS Command Example

SC create "Jet Data Manager Server Scheduler - SECOND INSTANCE" binPath= "C:\Program Files\Jet Data Manager Server\Jet Data Manager Server\Scheduler.exe"

5. In the Services control panel, verify the new service has been created

6. The two services above must run under different user accounts (eg., the original instance runs under DOMAIN\USER_1, and the second instance runs under DOMAIN\USER_2).

7. For both services above, open the Jet Data Manager as each user, and point the Jet Data Manager to the correct project repository. This can be accomplished by;

a. Assuming the original service account is running under DOMAIN\USER_1, then; navigate to the timeXtender.exe executable (located in the same folder path as in step #2); [SHIFT]+[RIGHT-CLICK] the timeXtender.exe executable; select "run as different user"

b. Enter the user name and password of the user account associated with the service

c. After the Jet Data Manager loads, go to Tools >> General Settings, and select the project repository that you want this user's Jet Data Manager Server Scheduler service associated with (eg., the "DEV" project repository)

d. Do steps A - C again, using DOMAIN\USER_2 as the user account for Step A , and pointing the Jet Data Manager to the "PROD" project repository in Step C .

8. Each project repository must use separate staging, data warehouse, and OLAP databases. Otherwise, the schedules will overwrite each other's tables. For performance reasons, it would be best to make sure the first schedule finishes before the other schedule starts.

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