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Accessing the Virtual Labs Environment


The Jet Reports Virtual Labs environment allows users and partner to access a virtual training and demo environment. The first time that you access the Virtual Labs environment there may be some additional steps to complete. These are outlined below.


Jet Reports Virtual Labs are deployed using ClickOnce technology. Any browser supporting ClickOnce is supported. The following browsers have been tested:

  1. Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0+ and later

  2. Google Chrome 10+ with Chrome ClickOnce assistant ( )

  3. Mozilla Firefox 5.0+ with the Microsoft .NET Framework Assistant installed ( )


  1. The first time that you access our Virtual Labs environment through a link you have been provided you may see the window below:

  2. Click the "Run" button.

    A small download will begin:

  3. Once the download finishes, the following window may appear:

  4. Click the "Ok" button.

    Your Virtual Lab should now launch.

You should only need to complete this process the first time that you run the Virtual Lab.

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