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Adding a New Company to an Existing NAV Project


Occasionally, you may need to add an additional company to an existing Jet Analytics project. 


  1. Once you have your existing project open, expand the boxes under the Business Units section to find the Data Sources and expand it to find the name of your existing data source(s).

  2. Once you find the name of your NAV data source, right click it and in the context menu, select Set up Accounts

    When you select this option, a list of "accounts" or NAV companies will show up.

  3. The new company should be shown, but not selected in the Use column.  To add the company, place a check mark in that column next to your new company.

    Adding consolidation companies to your Jet Analytics project should be avoided due to data redundancy concerns.

  4. Once you have added the new companies, click the OK button.

    This will close the window and show the Jet Data Manager again.

    The company is added in the list, but the data from that company does not exist within the project yet. In order to bring in the data from the newly added company, a full deploy and execute of the project needs to take place.  This can be accomplished by selecting the Manual Deployment and Execution button on the Project tab of the Jet Data Manager.

Once the deploy and execute process completes, your new company will be available everywhere in your project.


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