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Backing Up or Restoring an OLAP Database


This article details the required steps to create a full backup of an Analysis Services OLAP database as created through the Jet Data Manager using SQL Server Management Studio.

To Back Up an OLAP Database

  1. Start by opening up SQL Server Management Studio and connecting to your Analysis Services instance.

  2. Once connected, right-click on the relevant Analysis Services database that you would like to backup and select 'Back Up'.

  3. Once in the 'Backup Database' dialog window, ensure that the 'Allow file overwrite' and 'Apply compression' are selected.  You can deselect the 'Encrypt backup file', as shown below, or assign a password for the encryption.  When finished with these options, click 'Browse'.

  4. In the 'Browse' dialog window, you will be presented with some options.  The easiest way to proceed is to leave everything set to the default, and just notate the folder path that is set in the 'Selected path' text box.

    Once you've notated the path, click OK to close the 'Save File As...' window, and then click OK to close the 'Backup Database' window.  This will then create your OLAP backup file and bring you back to your standard SQL Server Management Studio window.

To Restore an OLAP Database

  1. Start by connecting to Analysis Services on the appropriate Server.

  2. Right-click on the 'Databases' node within SQL Server Management Studio and select 'Restore'

  3. In the ensu

  4. ing window, click on 'Browse' next to the 'Backup file' text box.  This will bring up a window in which you will need to locate the backup file (,abf) you created in the previous steps.  Once located and selected, click OK.

  5. Fill in the 'Restore database' text box with whatever name is applicable to this database.  Including the words 'snapshot' or 'backup' is advised for any OLAP databases that will not be receiving regular updates.  Check the 'Allow database overwrite' to ensure your restore will go through, and then click OK.

  6. At this point, you will have restored the selected backup file, and the process is complete.

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