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How to Set Up Company Dependent Dimensions


When you download the standard project from Cube Store all cube dimensions have, by default, been created as company independent. This means that the same Customer No. is assumed to be the same customer across all companies in the NAV database. In some cases this is not the case and we will have to set up the dimension to be company dependent.

Company dependent setup

  1. Edit the key level of the dimension to include company

  2. Modify the Name Column if necessary to show only name. If you need to see key and name in the front end you should create a field on the stage table that concatenates the key and name. Then drag the new name column onto the dimension table in the DWH. You can now select this column as your name column.

  3. Modify the dimension relation in all cubes that are using the dimension:

  4. Deploy and execute the project or the necessary objects.
Your dimension is now set up to be company dependent.

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