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How to Create a Backup of the Project Repository Database


Creating a backup of the Jet Data Manager's Project Repository database is recommended to be done very often.  There are ways to schedule this process for long-term scenarios, but this article will cover the process for a one-time backup.


Within SQL Server Managment Studio, expand your database tree and locate your project repository database.  Right-click on your project repository database and select Tasks > Back Up... as shown below.

In the ensuing window, there are a number of settings to be aware of.

1.  The Backup Type should be set to Full .

2.  The Back up to destination should be set to Disk .

3.  The Folder Location should be taken note of.  If you would like to change the location that your backup file will be saved to, click on the Add... button and select the location and file name of your choosing.

When the above three conditions are set, click OK to continue.

Upon clicking OK , the backup file for your project repository database will have been created in the location you chose.

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