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Error: Field not found on table in the data source view (DSV)


When attempting to process an object, one may receive the following error message:

Field "X" not found on table "TableName" in the data source view. The most likely cause is that deployment is needed on the data warehouse.


A data source view (DSV) is an abstraction of a relational data source that becomes the basis of the cubes and dimensions you create in a multidimensional project. The purpose of a DSV is to give you control over the data structures used in your project, and to work independently of the underlying data sources (for example, the ability to rename or concatenate columns without directly modifying the original data source).

To resolve this error message the DSV must be updated.

1. Right click the OLAP Server node and select Deploy

2. Select the Deploy Data Source vie Node and click Start.

You should now be able to deploy and execute your other database objects.

Optionally you may choose to deploy and execute the entire OLAP server which will rebuild the entire database including the DSV.

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