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Error: Procedure or function usp_Time Calculations_Clean has too many arguments specified.


When attempting an execute of a NAV project, you receive an error on the Time Calculations table, similar or identical to the error below.

"Procedure or function usp_Time Calculations_Clean has too many arguments specified..."


This is a known issue due to the structure of a script when using older versions of the NAV project and newer versions of the Jet Data Manager version 14.2.5 and later. To resolve the issue, open the project in the Jet Data Manager and open the Data Warehouse node. Open your named data warehouse database and then open the "Script Actions" tab. Edit the script "Insert to time calculations" and find the line that says "EXECUTE @RC = [dbo].[usp_Time Calculations_Clean]. Under this line, delete all of the highlighted items in the image below.

If you cannot see the image, the following items need to be deleted:

Delete the line directly below "EXECUTE @RC = [dbo].[usp_Time Calculations_Clean]: @Debug
Delete the comma in front of @version
Delete the line containing the text ,@loaddate

Once that is complete, click the Okay button on the box. You should now be able to deploy and execute your project.

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