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Uploading Reports to the Jet Hub


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The Jet Hub provides a manageable repository for your organization’s reports.  All your users – whether they have Excel and the Jet add-in installed or not – can run and view reports directly from their web browser.

This information applies to Jet Reports versions 2018R2 and higher.  For more earlier versions, see Publishing Reports to the Jet Web Portal.

Uploading to the Hub

The Jet Reports ribbon within Excel provides the ability to upload your reports to the Jet Hub.

In order for both the Excel add-in and the Jet Hub to access your data source (be it NAV, GP, Jet Analytics Cubes, Jet Data Warehouse, or a Universal connection), the settings for that data source must be defined in the Jet Administration Console and the Jet Excel add-in must be configured to use the Jet Service Tier for accessing those settings.

Once you have designed your report with the Jet Excel add-in...


and want to share it with others, you are ready to Upload it.

  1. Place the report in Design mode by clicking the Go to Design button on the Jet ribbon...

  2. Next, click the Upload button...


    If prompted to save your report, click Yes.

  3. You will be asked to provide some basic information for your report.  This includes a name, which data source to use with the report, which company within that data source to use, the folder within the Jet Hub where you want this report place, and a description of the report.


    Once this information is complete, click the Upload button.

That's all there is to it!

You have now uploaded your report and that report is now available to you in the Jet Hub where you can Run the Report.

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