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What is the Jet Excel add-in?

Jet Reports is a Microsoft Excel Add-in that integrates Excel with any database that has an OLE or ODBC driver available so you can create reports with simple worksheet functions. 

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Instead of printing a report and re-entering data into worksheets, you can enter formulas that read directly from your database and refresh the data right in Excel.

Prerequisite Knowledge

To use Jet you should have experience with Microsoft Excel, including cell referencing and worksheet functions.  You should also have a basic understanding of your database structure.


Jet Function References:

NL Function GL Function NF Function NP Function


The Jet add-in adds four functions to Excel: NL, NF, NP and GL. The NL allows you to retrieve any field from any record in any table. You can set as many as ten filters to define which record(s) you want.

The NF Function is a shortcut. You can define which record you want with the NL function and then you can retrieve multiple fields from that record with the NF function. By using the NF function, you do not have to retype all the filters for each field you want to retrieve.

The NP function is a utility function which allows you to do certain tasks to speed up your reports or make them more convenient. You can use NP to create date filters, evaluate formulas or do array operations, among other things.

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