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Installing Friendly Table/Field Names and Views in GP

This article apples to Jet versions 2009 through 2012 R2.  If you are using version 2013 or later, please see the GP Update Utility article.

Friendly Names

If you are using Dynamics GP, you will quickly notice that the table and field names that are listed in the Designer window are somewhat cryptic.  The Jet Reports design tools (Browser, Jfx, etc.) can display your table and field names in several easily readable formats, similar to the Smart List window in GP. The friendly name feature requires three tables which you can automatically create and populate using the Jet GP Update utility. This utility will add the JETFPG, JETTMAP, and JETFMAP tables to your database and populate them with them with the Friendly Names provided by GP. This utility can be found in "C:\Program Files (x86)\JetReports\Jet GP Updater.exe".

Before running this utility you need to have configured a Dynamics GP data source in Jet Reports, have your Dynamics GP application open, and have "write" access to the SQL database.


In Dynamics GP, you may have noticed that sometimes even with friendly names installed it is difficult to figure out what certain status field and type field values mean since they are often just lists of integers in the database. It is also difficult at times to figure out how certain tables are related for creating certain types of reports such as sales, purchasing, or general ledger reports. To solve both of these problems, Jet Reports has created Jet Views for some common report writing areas. These views can be installed by using the same Jet GP Update utility used to install friendly names. This utility adds SQL views to the GP company database with the prefix "Jet ". So the sales view is called "Jet Sales", the purchasing view is called "Jet Purchasing", etc. It also adds the Jet Date View and the JET_DATE table which is required to use the Jet Date view. Jet Date allows you to easily pull any dates you need out of the database.

Running the Utility

  1. Run the Jet GP Updater.exe utility. You will see this message indicating the tables that will be added to your database.

  2. Make sure you have the Dynamics GP application open and have logged in and click Continue.  The update utility will not let you continue until you open GP Plains and log in.

  3. Choose the Jet Report GP data source for which you would like to add Friendly Names.

  4. Choose the Company and GP Product for which you would like to add Friendly Names.

  5. Choose whether to add Friendly Names, Views, or both. Click Run and the utility will run. You will need to run the utility for each GP Plains Product for which you want Friendly Names or you can select to run it for all products.

  6. Once the utility is finished, configure your GP data source to use Friendly Names and look for the Jet Views in the Jet design tools.

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