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Essentials becomes unusable after installing Office updates ( click to run )

Note: this issue applies to Jet Essentials 2013 Update 1 and earlier.


Under certain circumstances, it is possible for versions of Excel installed using Microsoft's "Click-to-Run" installation method to become unstable when used with Excel Add-ins (such as Jet Essentials).

This is a known Microsoft issue with Click-to-Run deployments (as noted in the first bullet point under "General": Microsoft Click-to-Run: Known Issues ) and appears to be related to when Excel is updated - resulting in Excel not being able to load the add-ins with the current user's permissions.

The symptoms include the display of various error mes sages (including that the Jet add-in failed to load or couldn't be found)

Although this issue appears most frequently with "Office 365" installations, any Click-to-Run installation of Excel 2010, 2013, or 365 is susceptible.


This issue was resolved with the release of Jet Essentials 2015.

Please upgrade to the latest release of Jet Essentials .


If you are not able to upgrade to a version of Jet Essentials that resolves this issue, there is a workaround available to you.

RECOMMENDED: Because Excel is not able to load its add-ins with the current user's permissions, launching Excel by right-clicking EXCEL.EXE and selecting "Run as Administrator" should provide sufficient permissions for Excel to re-enable the Jet Essentials add-in.

If you wish to prevent the issue from occurring, there are three known methods:

  • RECOMMENDED: Modifying your Excel shortcut to always "Run as Administrator" should provide sufficient permissions for Excel to always re-enable the Jet Essentials add-in

  • While it is possible to disable Office's Click-to-Run updates, we do not recommend this option, as it would prevent Office from receiving important updates.
  • For Office 2010, Microsoft recommends changing the installation to an MSI-based Office edition .  This method un-installs the Click-to-Run edition of Office and replaces it with an edition installed using the Windows Installer.
    • For Office 2013, Microsoft does not support the on-line process for changing to a Windows Installer-based edition. Please contact Microsoft support for a process using physical media.

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