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Essentials becomes unusable after installing Office updates ( click to run )

Note: this issue applies to Jet Essentials 2013 Update 1 and earlier.


This issue has been resolved as of the release of Jet version 2015.

Please upgrade to the latest release.


Under certain circumstances, it is possible for versions of Excel installed using Microsoft's "Click-to-Run" installation method to become unstable when used with Excel Add-ins (such as Jet Essentials).

This is a known Microsoft issue with Click-to-Run deployments (as noted in the first bullet point under "General": Microsoft Click-to-Run: Known Issues ) and appears to be related to when Excel is updated - resulting in Excel not being able to load the add-ins with the current user's permissions.

The symptoms include the display of various error mes sages (including that the Jet add-in failed to load or couldn't be found)

Although this issue appears most frequently with "Office 365" installations, any Click-to-Run installation of Excel 2010, 2013, or 365 is susceptible.


If you are not able to upgrade to a version of that resolves this issue, there is a workaround available to you.

RECOMMENDED: Because Excel is not able to load its add-ins with the current user's permissions, launching Excel by right-clicking EXCEL.EXE and selecting "Run as Administrator" should provide sufficient permissions for Excel to re-enable the Jet Essentials add-in.


If you wish to prevent the issue from occurring, there are three known methods:


  • RECOMMENDED: Modifying your Excel shortcut to always "Run as Administrator" should provide sufficient permissions for Excel to always re-enable the Jet Excel add-in

  • While it is possible to disable Office's Click-to-Run updates, we do not recommend this option, as it would prevent Office from receiving important updates.
  • For Office 2010, Microsoft recommends changing the installation to an MSI-based Office edition .  This method un-installs the Click-to-Run edition of Office and replaces it with an edition installed using the Windows Installer.
    • For Office 2013, Microsoft does not support the on-line process for changing to a Windows Installer-based edition. Please contact Microsoft support for a process using physical media.
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