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Sync Active Directory - Jet Administration Console

The information in this article applies to the Jet Service Tier version 15.1 and higher.


The Jet Service Tier works with Microsoft Windows’ Active Directory so that you can use the Jet Administration Console (JAC) to easily work with your organization’s users and groups.

Since there can be a very large number of users and groups defined in Active Directory, it can be a time consuming process to retrieve that information multiple times during a JAC session.  To speed things up, the Jet Service Tier keeps track of the information it retrieves from Active Directory instead of re-retrieving that information each time it is needed


By default, the Jet Service Tier will update the saved information once per day.  If, while in the JAC, you want to refresh that saved information immediately (e.g., to access a new user or group which has been added to Active Directory within the past few minutes), click the Sync Active Directory button on the Users tab.

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