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Change StringStoresCompatibilityLevel on a dimension


When executing a large dimension you might run into an error stating:

File system error: A string store or binary store with a compatibility level of '1050' is at the maximum file size of 4 gigabytes. To store additional strings, you can change the StringStoresCompatibilityLevel property of the associated dimension or distinct count measure to '1100' and reprocess. This option is only available on databases with a compatibility level of '1100' or higher.

Since there currently is no way to change the StringStoresCompatibilityLevel property in Jet Data Manager directly, you need to do this with a script.

  1. Create a new script action in JDM
  2. Copy the below text into the script window
    <Script xmlns:ddl300="">
    <AddNameSpace Alias="my" AddNameSpace=""/>
    <InsertEnd Node="//my:Dimension" SearchType="Path" Operator="All">

  3. Give the scrip a name and hit OK
  4. On the dimension you want to add the script as an inline script

  5. Deploy and execute the dimension

Once deployed the compatibility level has been changed and the dimension can now handle 4 billion unique string combinations instead of the default 4Gb of data in total.

PLEASE NOTE: This requires SQL Server Analysis Services 2012 or later. 

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