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Batch Script to Clear Hung Execution Packages

This KB outlines how to create a Batch Script to clear out hung Jet Data Manager execution packages.
  1. First, open Task Scheduler on the server where the Jet Data Manager is installed. Create a new task called "Clear Hung Executions".

  2. We recommend this task be run daily, after your scheduled executions have completed. If you run your execution packages more frequently, you can increase the frequency of this task as well.

  3. Select the Start a program option in the Action tab.

  4. Next, you will need to create two different files in Notepad.  The first file will be a .bat file that will be called by the second file to run a SQL statement.

    Open Notepad and type the following:

    sqlcmd -S databaseserver -i "C:\Jet\ClearHungExecutions.sql"

    NOTE: Replace databaseserver with the name of the SQL Server where the projectRepository database is being stored.

    Save this file on the C:\ drive in a folder called "Jet" and call it "ClearHungExecutions.bat"

    Open a new Notepad and type the following:

    UPDATE [projectRepository].[dbo].[ScheduleJobs] SET [ProcessId] = '' WHERE [ProcessId] != ''

    Save this file in the same location and name it "ClearHungExecutions.sql"

  5. Now go back to Task Scheduler, and point to the .bat file we created.

  6. Review and click Finish.

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