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Dynamics 365 BC Release Wave 1 April 2020 Jet Reports Certification

 UPDATE: 01-APRIL-2020

Microsoft made an announcement this morning regarding changes to the Release Wave 1 update schedule as well as additional details regarding Timelines


Additionally, we have found breaking changes in Release Wave 1 that impacts both Jet Reports and Jet Analytics Direct to SQL connections for BC On-Prem customers. We will release a fix next Tuesday 07-APRIL-2020 for Jet Reports and then one for Jet Analytics as soon as possible thereafter. We recommend that you do not upgrade to BC16 if you are a BC On-Prem customer until you have our fix and have had time to test the new GA BC. BC Cloud customers are not impacted by this breaking change.


What We Are Doing To Get Ready For Release Wave 1

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Team has new and planned features for Dynamics 365 BC for general availability in Release Wave 1, April 2020. The Jet Reports Team has been working closely with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC team to ensure that Jet Reports will work with this new Release Wave since the last Release Wave. We are in the middle of validation and testing efforts of Jet Reports against the Early Access Insider Build for Release Wave 1. 

Our plan is to complete Release Wave 1 certification before April 1 when the Release Wave begins. Validation and testing effort is against 20.5. Any defects discovered during validation and testing will be addressed and released in maintenance builds 20.5.1 - March 10, 2020 or 20.5.2 – Apr 7, 2020.


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