Stored Viewer Data in Reports

I've finally got the Jetreport working the way I want with the Stored Viewer Data, except with the conditional hide+?. I have actual data being pulled in one column, and then the other columns are for viewers to potentially enter data in the "full" option. If there is no data in either column it is supposed to hide during the next "detail" run, but if they entered data that row should remain.
The issue is that I run the report in "full" to enter data in some rows. The next time I run the report for "detail" to just keep the rows with "new data" the conditional hide hides that row regardless. It seems that the conditional hide reverts back to the way the design mode was done, and then it runs the Viewer data after the conditional hides are already done and therefore the new viewer data is not shown. If that makes sense please let me know if someone knows how to get around that? Thanks


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