Invalid Flowfilter '@@"

I get this error message when I debug.

Invalid FlowFilter '@@'. flowFilters may not contain '*','?', or '@'.

Obviously it says I can’t have a ‘@@’ in my flowfilter. Is there anyway around this? Because sometimes my flowfield could be a blank value.

IFit helps, here is my NL

My grouping NL.
=NL("Rows=4","G/L Account","Glob. Dim. 5 Filter","Glob. Dim. 5 Filter",Options!$D$5,"Date Filter",Options!$D$6,"No.",Options!$D$7)

My NL that pulls in the data.
=NL("Rows","G/L Account",,"+No.",Options!$D$7,"Glob. Dim. 5 Filter","@@"&$D6,"Date Filter",Options!$D$6)

Any help is appreciated. Thanx



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