Open Sales Orders by Customer Name, Item #

Hi there,

I am trying to create a report in Jet off of NAV which lists all open sales lines by customer and then by item #.

I first did an NL to the sales header to get the Customer Name (this is not in the sales line table).

Then a NL to the sales header again to get the customer number for the customer name above.

Then an NL to the sales line table to get the item number for the customer # above.

Then a NF to get the data,, sales order#, quantity, etc

The problem is that it includes all sales order with the item # under each customer who has a sales order for that item. So, under a particular customer, I am listing sales orders for a different customer.

I tried to make the NL key filter on the NL for inventory# and the NL for Customer #, but it only returns the first sales order for each customer.

Can a NL reference up to 2 other NLs?


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