Combining 2 NAV tables together - Invoices & Cr.Memos

I have created a report using the Navision Sales Invoice Header and Sales Invoice Line tables to give me sales by salesperson for a specific period. However we also need to see any credits for the same period and salesperson.

I know the credits are kept in the Sales Cr.Memo Header and Sales Cr.Memo Line tables. The problem is I don't know how to combine these tables so I get all of the data coming up in the same report.

I could put the credits at the end of the report as a separate report, but I would prefer for the credits to come up against each customer within the body of the main report. Is there a way to do this or does it have to be done separately? I have a few reports that I run that I need to be the same.

I would appreciate any assistance with this!


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