Trial Balance-G/L account filtering by Source No.

Hi again 8-)

I have this problem with one report. I have Trial balance and Detailed Trial balance reports created on jet reports but now I want a Trial balance report grouped by source no.

Several G/L accounts are used as control accounts for subsidiary ledgers (vendors, customer, banks). The entries made in these control accounts are registered under G/L entry table with a source type (vendor or customer or bank account) and a source no. indicating the card no.

The problem is I want this trial balance report to check if a G/L account has entries coming from subsidiary ledgers and split the balance to date based on the source no.
I can't do this in a trial balance report since I'm using G/L account table, where there is no source no. nor source type field to choose. I can do this in a detailed trial balance report using the G/L entry table but then I have the entries something I don't need/want.

Any help/tip will be appreciated :P


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