Sorting results in NL("Union")

I just upgraded to Jet 2009, and am having trouble with a report that worked fine pre-upgrade.

Basically, the report makes a list of all the Ship Dates on the Sales Orders, and all the Receive Dates on the Purchase Orders. This list then is used to construct a timeline of inventory coming in and out. Before going to Jet 2009, the 2 date filters would be automatically sorted. Now, my list is unsorted, like this:

12/28/2009 Sales Date
1/31/2010 Sales Date
2/1/2010 Sales Date
2/15/2010 Sales Date
2/28/2010 Sales Date
3/1/2010 Sales Date
4/1/2010 Sales Date
6/10/2010 Sales Date
1/15/2010 Purchase Date
4/19/2010 Purchase Date

Does anybody know a way I can sort these dates to display in order? Perhaps I am missing something obvious.

Filter 1
=NL("Filter","Sales Header","Shipment Date","shipment date",$F$10,"no.",$D$27)
Filter 2
=NL("Filter","Purchase Header","Expected Receipt Date","Expected Receipt Date",$F$10,"no.",$D$30)
In both of these, I filter for date range and Item number.

My rows list:


I found a workaround. By creating a sample sales order with the same shipment date as the expected receipt date of the POs, the POs were pulled up in the date chart to where they should be.


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