Running reports - Connection Problem?

I have potential overlapping schedules on Mondays, Saturdays and first day of the month. But on a daily basis, I put 10 reports in folder 1 and another 10 in folder 2. Using a single batch file, I run the reports in those 2 folders:
Autopilot /M UPDATE /I "C:\DAILY REPORTS 1" /O "C:\Report Results"
Autopilot /M UPDATE /I "C:\DAILY REPORTS 2" /O "C:\Report Results"
I am sure with this setting, the reports are running one after another. One thing is that this problem started at the same time when some reports are running much longer than normal (One report normally runs for 10 minutes and suddenly runs for more than 1 hour - but when I re-run it, it runs normally again). By the way, I just rescheduled the Monday/Saturday/Monthly reports to minimize the overlap.


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