Sorting on multiple tables connected through NP("intersect")

I am having difficulty making my report utilize the sorting commands I have entered. I have not had a problem with this in the past, but this is my first time using the NP("intersect",,) function and it doesn't seem to recognize the commands. I don't know if they're in the wrong place, I really have no idea. I am new to Jet Reports (two weeks in as a user), so excuse me if this seems rudimentary.

The data I want to sort on happens to all be coming from the same table in one database, but the information being returned per record is coming from 2 tables (still in the same database). What I have currently reads as follows:

F9 =NL("Filter","Employee","No.","Status",$C$2,"Class Code",$C$3,"Employee Location Code",$C$4) G9 =NL("Filter","Employee Attribute","Employee No.","Integer Value",$C$5) H9 =NL("Rows",NP("intersect",F9,G9)) I9 =NL(,"Employee",,"No.",H9,"+Employee Location Code",$C$4,"+Last Name","*","+First Name","*") Any assistance is greatly appreciated.



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