NL ("Rows") and NP("Union")


I'm trying to use a Union function within an NL Rows command with no success.

I want to create a report which looks at both the Sales Header and Sales Invoice Header to return customers (Rows) which have not placed an order within the last 3 months. Currently I have the following which returns the customer list in full and does not filter out those customers who have ordered in the last 3 months.

=NL("Rows","Customer",,NL("Last",NP("Union",NL("Last","Sales Header","No.","Sell-to Customer No.","No.","Order Date",NP("DateFilter",,NP("Eval","=B2"))),NL("Last","Sales Invoice Header","Order No.","Sell-to Customer No.","No.","Order Date",NP("DateFilter",,NP("Eval","=B2"))))))

Can anybody help?



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