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I am working to find a solution on a jet question. I am working out of two tables in the the same company.

One has company code, the other has the company code location description

I have created a formula that replicates a sheet for each company code but I want the sheet name to be the company code location. I was thinking that I could link the two. My function to pull the company code is:

=nl("rows","G/L Entry","Global Dimension 2 Code","Fund No.","32039","Global Dimension 2 Code","*","Company=","CONS_MC","Global Dimension 2 Code","<>@@")

One that returns the description from a different table for the company codes my function is:

=nl("First","Dimension Value","Name","Code",$C3,"Company=","CONS_MC")

I was thinking i could link the two in a =nl(sheets to pull the description in the worksheet name but have been playing around with it and have not been able to make it work.




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