Dramatically improved performance using autopilot?


I have a report called Project Orders and Tenders that I wrote years ago. For a given contract it pulls all the relevent cost codes and gives the budgets and total ordered to date for each one. Works great.

A few months ago, my users started to complaint that it was running much slower, a report that used to take less than a minute was now taking 10. I've had a good look at it but I can figure out why. As a work around, I offered to run the reports automatically each week so that they didn't have to spend so long manually running them. While this works, what bemused me is that while it take me 12 minutes to run a single report, over 20 of them run in 7 minutes when I use the jet scheduler (and the batch names area in a report to generate autopilot commands).

Does anyone have any idea what's going on, and whether I can make my reports run that fast manually?



PS I can attach the specific report if required but I felt it was probably a generic problem).


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