Optional options and external table filtering?

I have a report where I'm looking at data from the Sales Shipment Lines as well as some other tables.
It's been requested to have about a dozen filters on the report - some from each table involved.
I have some inter-related problems.

1. When I add filters from additional tables (e.g. Sales Shipment Header, Sales Invoice LIne), I have to do it using the NL Filter function because using the Link= approach means you can only filter on the source table once - subsequent filters relate to the additional table. Is there any way around this?
2. When I add the filters with NL Filter, using * as the value, it doesn't work - it leads to #Value! errors on my NL Rows function with the message "A key must contain at least one field". Is there a way around this - either by making the options optional (i.e. if blank, ignore the filter altogether) or by fixing the *?

It will be hard to put together an example because some of the tables & links have been customised by our NAV team… but hopefully that's enough info. If needed, I can try to work a similar scenario out over Cronus…

I am using NAV 2013 and Jet Reports 12.5

Actually, I think the problems I was having may have been unrelated to the above… I removed some filters on "Advanced Dimensions" and things have started working again. Is there some issue with Advanced Dimension filters and multiple tables that I should be aware of?


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