need help for NL("Rows") [SOLVED]

Hi there,
i want to get "rows" from the "sales line"-table, but only, if there is no entry in the "Warehouse Shipment Line"-table for the sales-line.
the filter for the "Warehouse Shipment Line"-entry is "source type"="37";"Source Document"="order";"Source No."=is the "sales line"-"document-no.";"Source Line No."=is the "sales-line"-"line-no.".

What i did, is geting rows from every "sales-line", and after that, get a Count into the "warehouseshipment-line" with the filter from above.
this works for me, but there might be another way (but after that football-game last night i'm not on the right way right now ;) )

My question:
How can i get only the sales-lines, which have no entry in the "warehouse-shipment line "-table , but using the "NL-"Rows"-function ?
maybe using NP("difference")..? but how?



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