Transformation field populating error

Greetings Franco,

The Vendor table is not considered a good candidate for Incremental Loading as it is likely not very large and shouldn't have a very large amount of change day to day. The tables that we typically include in incremental loading are the G/L Entry, Value Entry and the Detailed Customer and Vendor Ledger entry tables. In fact, your VLE (which doesn't seem to be incrementally loading now) should actually be the table in your example that should have incremental loading turned on.

Additionally, I am curious why you would have the posting date on the Vendor table, primarily because this is a Master record table as opposed to a transaction table. If you have not adjusted the order of the tables from the Standard Project, the VLE is far below the Vendor, so in a standard execution, the posting date would never be populated on the Vendor table as it is processed first. We don't recommend adjusting the order of tables in the Standard project due to the fact that ordering is so important in processing.

Unless it is vital for your project, I would remove the Posting Date from the Vendor table. I would also recommend turning Incremental Loading off for the Vendor table and potentially on for the VLE. Please let me know if you have any questions.


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