Multi-level Grouping Question [RESOLVED]

I'm creating a list of customers by Outside Salesperson, and grouping by State, and then by City. This functionality works perfectly.

My problem comes in when I try to create a list of products purchased by each customer and group that list with the customer. I'm clearly not setting this part up correctly.

Using this function, I can get a list of Product Group Codes purchased by a given customer for a given date range: =NL("Rows","Sales Invoice Line","Product Group Code","Sell-to Customer No.",F10,"Posting Date",NP("datefilter",Support!$H$3,Support!$H$4))

My problem is that the product list isn't grouped correctly. If there's only one customer in the group for a city, then all of the product will be listed correctly under that customer. If multiple customers are listed, I'll only get the product list for the first customer in the list, AND the product list begins under the last customer.

Here's the layout of my report:


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