can not login with authentication type=User Name

I have setup a NAV 213R2 NAV Server with authentication type=Windows, which is available over WAN on port 7047

On a machine outside the domain
If i browse to http://MyServerIP:7047/B2B1000190/WS/SystemService, i receive a prompt and i can put in my windows login (domain\userid) and password and the wsdl is returned (and i can see Jet_Data_Source as an endpoint)

I can connect via the RTC Client to the NAV Service, by specifyng in the clientsettings config file, that i would like to connect with UserName:

<add key="ClientServicesProtectionLevel" value="EncryptAndSign" />
<add key="ClientServicesCredentialType" value="UserName" />
<add key="ServicesCertificateValidationEnabled" value="true" />
<add key="DnsIdentity" value="NavServiceCert" />

The Problem
If i launch jetreports express and connect to the same NAV Webservice instance and select windows authentication it will fail, as the machine is outside the domain. If i select NAVUser as authentication type, then it fails with '401 Unauthorized' - I assume it is because it expects that the NAV Service is setup with authentication type=NavUser.

The reason for this setup, is that for machines inside the domain we would get "automatic login", while machines outside will be prompt for username/passwrd, but we only need to maintain one NAV Instance.

Any advise on how to eliminate the error ?


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