Report not displaying values, user permission issue?

We've got a user who is unable to generate data on Refresh even though he has all the necessary NAV permission sets to read these table data (GL, Budget, Analysis Dim). Tested Jet connection to NAV database and there was response - so it is not related to connection issue. Did some initial troubleshooting with permissions as follows:

1. Give SUPER access - report was able to generate data.
2. Create new permission set with Table Data read access to ALL table data, removed SUPER access and retained user's standard NAV permission sets - report was able to generate data. However, from a data security point of view, this is not recommended unless the user is authorized to view all table data.
3. Create new permission set with RIMD = Yes to Table 14125600, while retaining the user's standard NAV permission sets. Removed SUPER access and Table Data read access to ALL table data - report was NOT able to generate data. Also noticed when drilldown to the Function Wizard, when select droplist for Account it doesnt show the GL Accounts. Instead it says "Lookup not available. Invoking the web service failed with the following message: You do not have the following permissions on TableData Jet Cancellation: Read"

I've also looked at this http://kb.jetreports.com/article/AA-00533/0/ but didn't seem to work either.

Am I missing any permission setups that the user needs to have?


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