How do I create a formula in a Report?

I am VERY new to Jet reports and have a question regarding the use of formulas. The type of report that I am creating is using various tables and columns with date filters. In one section, I am trying to establish several things: the quantity of negative items for quantity on hand and the value of these items; number of PO lines created and the dollar value of the lines; number of shipments lines (for purchases) and the value. The table that I am using for the items is the ITEM table and the filters are Quantity on Hand, Unit Cost and Last Date Modified. I have no trouble finding the quantity but the Unit Cost is per unit. When using the table wizard, I can create a formula taking the qty * Unit cost and this gives me what I want. Since I am unable to use the table wizard, is there a way to get these same results without using the wizard? Thanks so much for anyone who can help me.

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