Cube processing time.

Not sure if there is an answer to this or if I am just looking for a sanity check but my accounting department is asking us if we can increase the speed that we update the Jet Enterprise cubes and I am hitting a wall. Does anyone have any ideas? We are pulling data from 5 Navision databases using additional adapters so Incremental loading is not an option. We are using a heavily customized version of the Jet Enterprise NAV 2.4 project. The updates currently run every 15 minutes on a schedule and take around 10 - 12 minutes to process. I have tried breaking things apart and making smaller cubes to update but each time the end users come back and say they need something from the other cubes or fields that were removed. This seems like it is already a really fast update period for something like OLAP cubes but I am still getting push back so looking for ideas or support.



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