List records filtered by comparing fields in different table

Hello! Experts:

I'm try to use NL(Rows) function to list Purchase Line records. But I would like to list only the ones whose "Outstanding Qty.(Base)" is larger than "Qty. to Receive" in ANOTHER table. It looks simple so this is what I do:

=NL("Rows","Purchase Line",,"Filters=",POLineFilter,"Link=Purchase Line","CTrack Doc. Line Detail","Order No.","=Document No.","No.","=No.","Order Line No.","=Line No.","Qty. to Receive","<Outstanding Qty. (Base)")
The main table is Purchase Line. The table I would like to compare with is called "CTrack Doc. Line Detail". Order No., No., and Order Line No. are the unique keys in CTrack Doc. Line Detail for me to match with the lines in Purchase Line. But when I run the report, JetReport gives me Invaild filter "<Outstanding Qty. (Base)" error. Don't know what I do wrong or is there any other better way to do this. Please help!

Thanks a lot!


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